NEGATIVE SPACE, a film by Ben Cresciman

One Sheet Designed By Andreis Costa

An intimate, personal, feature film about the difficult ins and outs of family relationships, where emotional stakes are often at their highest. Husband to wife. Sibling to sibling. How do we treat the people that we love? What secrets do we keep from them and why? What happens when these secrets come out? When a married couple gets an unannounced visit from the wife’s younger sister, deep and unexpected issues boil to the surface and threaten to upend and destroy even the closest relationships.


James Oliver
Julie Mond
Anna Wood

Director … Ben Cresciman

Producer … Wandie Kabule

Executive Producers …. Georg Kallert, Peter J. Nieves, Rob Schroeder

Co-Producer … Eric Binns

Director of Photography …. Sam Gezari

Production Designer … Andreis Costa

Editor … Jason Jones

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About sweatshopnewyork

The Sweat Shop is an recording and design studio founded by Art Director Andreis Costa, Recording Artist Brian Halladay, and Producer Harry Fraud at 120 Walker St. in Chinatown, New York. Established in 2006 the studio was created to be a hub for recording artists to not only create their music but work with our in house branding team to develop a marketable identity. Currently based in Los Angeles Sweat Shop continues to design and create content for music, film, and television. Sweat Shop Work Harder!
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One Response to NEGATIVE SPACE, a film by Ben Cresciman

  1. Georgiann says:

    Excellent work!

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