Spring Break 2013

Over 20 curators premiere exhibitions under the theme NEW MYSTICISM, with over 70 artists’ works.

WHERE | Old School, 233 Mott Street (btw Prince & Mott)

RSVP | rsvp@springbreakartshow.com

Opening | March 5th 6pm – 10pm

Daily Exhibition | Thursday March 7th – Sunday March 10th

Curators Include: Gabriela Alva, Marco Antonini, Marc Azoulay, Ted Barrow, Elizabeth Clark, Angela Conant, Kyle DeWoody, Aaron Levi Garvey, Andrew Gori, Ambre Kelly, Natalie Kovacs, Simon Lee, Patrick Meagher, Adam Mignanelli, John Morrow, Aurora Pellizzi, Natalia Porter, Amanda Schmitt, Cecelia Stucker, Maureen Sullivan, Eve Sussman, Helen Toomer, Tom Weinrich.

Artists include: Yorgo Alexopoulos, Aaron Anderson, Jeremy Blake, Z Behl, Sarah Bereza, Mary Blakemore, BOYFRIENDGIRLFRIEND, Zain Burgess, Eric Carlson, Etienne Chambaud, Jennifer Chan, Marco A. Castro, Marcos Castro, Julia Chiang, Andreis Costa, Grayson Cox, Meredith Cunningham, Jennifer Dayton, Myla Dalbesio, Peter Dudek, Fall On Your Sword, David Alexander Flinn, Ted Gahl, Rachel Garrard, Dylan Gauthier, Beka Goedde, Noah Gershman, Melissa Godoy-Nieto, Anthony Graves, Michael Joaquin Grey, Nathan Gwynne, Matthew Hassell, Kerry Hassler, Sarah Hindsgaul, Howard Raimund Hurst, Adam Ianniello, Joe Jagos, Rachel de Joode, JR, Ambre Kelly, Cheon pyo Lee, Antoine Lefebvre, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Michelle Levy, Annabel Linquist, Lumarca, Avery McCarthy, Patrick Meagher, Andrea Merkx, Matt Mignanelli, Lobel Modern, Jane Moseley, Rachel Ostrow, Grear Paterson, Aurora Pellizzi, Carla Herrera-Prats, Luigi Presicce, Printed Matter, Garrett Pruter, Ed Purver, Brian Randolph, Rachel Rossin, Jack + Leigh Ruby, Francesco Simeti, Tom Smith, Kendra Sullivan, Russell Tyler, Grace Villamil, Chuck Webster, John Whitlock and Jamie Zigelbaum.


About sweatshopnewyork

The Sweat Shop is an recording and design studio founded by Art Director Andreis Costa, Recording Artist Brian Halladay, and Producer Harry Fraud at 120 Walker St. in Chinatown, New York. Established in 2006 the studio was created to be a hub for recording artists to not only create their music but work with our in house branding team to develop a marketable identity. Currently based in Los Angeles Sweat Shop continues to design and create content for music, film, and television. Sweat Shop Work Harder!
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